Fantastic feedback from Blue Sky’s annual Easter Event!!

Fantastic feedback from Blue Sky’s annual Easter Event!!

Had to share a lovely complimentary blog post from one of our regular yearly events and our 5th year with Blue sky’s foster care.

It was warm and sunny for the Easter Bunny

Published on Friday, Apr 10 2015 by Blue Sky’s Foster Care

It was warm and sunny for the Easter Bunny, foster children and their foster carers earlier this week at the annual Blue Sky Fostering family event in the picturesque setting of Hampshire County Council’s ‘Queen Elizabeth Country Park’ near Petersfield.

Over seventy people from the agency’s South region joined in the fun on one of the warmest days so far this year. Young people and grown-ups, took part in the brilliant Battlefront Games ‘Laser Combat’.

Dressed in camouflage outfits to blend in with the woodland surroundings, they divided into a blue team and a red team and ran off into the trees with their laser guns competing to win the battle!

Whilst the warriors were away, Foster Carers, younger children and staff settled in the sun to enjoy decorating their Easter Egg bags, adding glittery trimmings to their Easter ‘bunny ears’ hats and hunting for Easter Eggs in the leafy terrain.

A surprise appearance by the Easter Bunny caused great excitement especially when the Bunny played hide and seek in the trees. Grown-ups and young people alike were entertained by the Bunny’s antics and lots of photos were taken. All too soon, it was time to say farewell but all agreed, it was a real treat to actually meet the real life Easter Bunny!

Our fabulous hosts, Battlefront Games, provided a hearty barbecue lunch, fresh salads and delicious cakes to feed the battle weary, the glitter coated tots and everyone who attended. Ed Thompson, Participation Co-Ordinator for Blue Sky Fostering commented: “we all had a superb day, I think it was the best one I’ve been to and it’s such a nice reminder of the work everyone does and how far all the children and young people have come AND we had amazing weather!”

…and in case you are wondering who won the Laser Combat battle… was a draw!!

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