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Team Combat

Come and try your hand at laser combat as part of a team at our superb venue set in the woodland of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Capture The Enemy Flag!

Your laser combat platoon, complete with laser guns, is sent to capture the enemy base and their flag. The base will be heavily guarded so you and your squad must use your combat skills and battlefield cunning if you are to be successful without losing too many casualties.

All Out Laser Assault!

Both teams must attack and capture each other’s base. Facing the enemy, you must not only attack but also defend your own camp, so this is not going to be easy. How you go about it is down to you.

Saving Your Captured Comrades!

Can you attack the enemy base and rescue your captured colleagues without being killed or captured yourself? Will you have the determination and the ammo to succeed? Find out on our laser combat battlefield.