However big or small

Battlefront Games laser combat similar to laser quest, but played outdoors with high tech equipment, is a great way for you to have a fun shared experience with your friends, colleagues or club-mates. If you are the leader of a small group or you are a group of friends and are looking for a different way to have some fun, then our laser combat games are the answer!

Fun and laughter with laser combat

Groups can have a great day out full of laughs in one of our combat battles. You will be working together in our outside 7 acre woodland venue in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park which is on the A3 between Portsmouth and Guildford. These woods make an exciting environment where you can really let yourself go and enjoy the experience of our combat laser battles.

A fantastic laser shooting party is just a phone call away

So if you thinking of something to do for the day and not sure what, then just Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll make sure you and your guests have a party to remember!