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Night Combat

Why not try something different and book a laser combat party in the woods at night!?

Laser combat by night

The adrenalin rush of a daylight session of laser combat is amazing, just imagine how much more thrilling and exciting it will be in the dark! Our huge battlefield is in the woods at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire, which is on the A3 near Portsmouth.

Assault the enemy stronghold by the light of the moon

You will be part of a night time assault on the enemy, using all your cunning and tactics to shoot your opponents with your high-tech laser gun and capture the enemy stronghold without sustaining too many casualties. Acting at night will enhance all your senses as you attempt to achieve your mission objective.

Laser combat is fun for everyone

With all the fun of paintball, but with none of the mess or pain, laser combat is a great fun activity for you, your friends and family. Multiply the fun by trying a night-time session and see if you have nerves made of steel or jelly! For more information about booking a party in the dark, please give us a call.