Laser Action Combat

Battlefront Games runs laser combat battles at Browndown Training Camp, a fantastic Urban site with over 30 buildings to experience including, accommodation for Solidiers, indoor lecture room, NCO’S and officers mess, a cook house, Sgts mess, officers mess and various other buildings within the camp to enjoy. In our Urban military surroundings, we have different intense scenarios within an environment for gamers of all ages to experience the thrill of battle in a safe setting.

Fun Packed For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if your 9 or 90 years old Battlefront Games parties are for all ages. What ever the occasion, laser combat is a great activity to share with your friends and family as you celebrate together. We have a variety of missions to suit you and your guests and keep the adrenalin flowing. We use state of the art Infra-red laser combat equipment, which has the latest high tech military-style sounding guns with fantastic accuracy and range. You will experience all the action of the battlefield without the pain or bruises!

Meet The Team


My name is David

I am a one of the directors and co-founder of Battlefront Games. I have been a builder for over 20 years and just came upon laser combat by accident. I played with my 2 boys at a laser combat venue once in Devon. From that one encounter I was hooked, it’s a fantastic, enjoyable activity for everyone and I was certain it could be very popular in our area. That was back in 2005 and a year later my big idea came to fruition, we now have a very successful family run business.


My name is Karen

I am one of the Directors and Co-founder of Battlefront Games. My background is beauty and retail and I have ran my own Salon since 1999. In the early days, I alongside my husband David dealt with the running of events and the office. I still do a little in the office but these days I leave the running and organising of events to David and the younger members of the family, although you will often speak to me in the office as I am still involved with that side of things.

My name is Abigail

I am the daughter of Karen and David and Company Manager of Battlefront Games, I deal with everything from the enquiries and administration to running the parties. I currently work alongside my mother Karen in her beauty salon which I also enjoy. I have always been involved in Battlefront and my parents have worked very hard in making it into a fantastic and successful business. Now as Manager I hope to be able to continue my their hard work in keeping our business an enjoyable, fun and happy environment along with the rest of my family.


My name is Jordan

I am the son to David and Karen and am a Marshall within Battlefront. I was just 8 years old when my parents started Battlefront so I have grown up around it and have been very involved and also become pretty good at it. I enjoy assisting in running the parties and events with my father, sister and brother-in-law, I enjoy joining in with our groups and making sure everyone has as much fun and enjoyment as I still do.